Machine and Welding
2610 South Old Decker Road, Vincennes, IN 47591


    Applicant must have…
    • strong work ethic and drive for exceptional results.
    • experience with welding and fabrication.
    • skills to pass welding test. Skills include welding, cutting,
    measuring, identifying various materials and structural shapes,
    and the use of a variety of shop tools.
    • strong problem solving skills to repair things using previous
    and intuitive knowledge.
    • ability to effectively communicate with employer, co-workers
    and customers.
    • willingness to perform multiple tasks to accomplish a
    completed project.

If you feel you are a qualified candidate, please apply in person with
an updated resume. Please list all education, experience or abilities
that you feel make you well-suited for this position. Miller Machine &
Welding offers many benefits including health insurance, retirement
plan and paid time off. Contact us today!
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